Welcome to DC3Training.com.  We offer all kinds of opportunities to fly and learn about the classic DC-3.

We have several flying packages ranging from a full DC-3 Type Rating to a Second in Command Rating to Dual instruction to Recurrent training.  We have a Designated Pilot Examiner and instructors on staff to help you fulfill your dream of putting “DC-3” in your logbook.

Download and Enjoy the DC-3 training and operating manuals we use.  Enjoy the photos and history of N28AA.

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Some newly discovered videos from some friends of DC3Training.com

This video shows the DC-3 at Candler Field in the summer of 1938. Ron Alexander’s DC-3 is regularly at the “new” Candler Field Museum at Peachstate Aerodrome.

This video shows the early days of the DC-3 on Floats


Veteran’s Day 2013

November 11, 2013

The video says it all.

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DC-3 at Oshkosh 2013

July 24, 2013

  We are going to Oshkosh with 28AA this year. Be sure to stop by, say “Hi!” and take a tour. Please leave a comment below. Send us your favorite pictures; we’ll post them here and we’ll credit you.

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DC-3 in the Movie “42”

May 8, 2013

Watch Full Screen  

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Our DC-3 in another Movie

February 23, 2013

We can’t tell you the name of the movie yet, but it was great fun to have N28AA play in important part in this movie.

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DC-3 Operations Manual – Fuel System

May 15, 2012

Download DC-3 Manual Fuel System PDF. Fuel Tanks – The dual fuel system has a total capacity of 621 gallons of avgas consisting of two main tanks (210 gallons each) and one auxiliary tank (201 gallons).    The left main tank normally supplies fuel to the left engine and right main tank supplies fuel to the […]

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DC-3 Operations Manual – Flight Controls

April 27, 2012

Download DC-3 Manual Flight Controls PDF. The moveable surfaces on the airplane consist of two ailerons, the right aileron trim tab, two elevators, two elevator trim tabs, the rudder, the rudder trim tab, and the wing flaps.  All of these surfaces except the wing flaps are operated manually from the cockpit by means of conventional […]

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