Get your DC 3 Type RatingDear Ron:

I’d like to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in your  S.I.C. course.

As you know, I’ve flown and owned a Stearman along with other vintage aircraft for 25 years. These airplanes have allowed me to fly pieces of American history as well as giving me the opportunity to learn from some outstanding pilots. But after having flown 28AAA I can honestly say that my experience last week is at the top of my list.

Adam Mercure is an outstanding instructor and a joy to fly with. The ground school was informative, well presented and gave me the information I needed.   And, of course, with yours and Adam’s help, I learned valuable lessons that I’d have never learned anywhere else.

I heartily recommend the course to anyone interested in aviation history who wants to expand their flying skills.

Again, thanks and all the best.

S. Robert Williams

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Pamela Henry August 12, 2014 at 8:16 pm

How I remember the DC-3! Let’s go back a few decades to the 1940’s, when I was a teenager and seriously sun bathing on the sands at Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was a neck-stretching “public event” when we heard the roar of an approaching DC-3 overhead. My father was an adventurous air traveler on a commercial DC-3 between Norfolk and Washington, D.C.