DC 3 Type Rating


General Information

The DC-3 initial pilot in command type rating will normally require 7-10 hours of flight time spread over 5-7 days depending upon your experience and the weather.  Tailwheel time is a must prior to beginning DC-3 training.  If you do not have a tailwheel endorsement you should plan on getting that prior to starting DC-3 training.  It is not mandatory but certainly helpful.  You must also be the holder of an Airline Transport Pilot Rating or meet the qualifications to obtain this rating on your checkride.  You must have a multi-engine rating.

Ground school will be accomplished daily with a powerpoint presentation.  You will be given study material  prior to your arrival so you can be familiar with the airplane.

DC3 Type Rating Cost

The training will typically  require 7-10 hours of time including the rating ride.  The cost is $1800 per hour which includes the flight instructor and ground training.  The examiner charges $650 for the rating ride.  Plan 5-7 days for the training.  There are several local hotels close to the airport (KFFC).  Rates are less than $100 per night.  KFFC is about 30 minutes from the Atlanta International airport (KATL).  Rental cars are available there.

DC-3 Type Rating Training Syllabus

The airplane is located at the Peachtree City, Georgia Airport (KFFC).  Training will be accomplished at Peachtree City and at LaGrange, Georgia (KLGC) and Thomaston, Georgia (KOPN).

DC-3 Flight Training – Day 1

  • Preflight & Start
  • Taxi & Runup
  • Takeoff
  • Vmc Demo
  • Approach to stalls
  • No Flap Landings
  • Crosswind Landings
  • Takeoffs and Landings to full stop

DC-3 Flight Training – Day 2

  • Aborted Takeoffs – Engine Failure
  • Engine Out
    •  Maneuvering – Simulated
    • Cruise Procedures
    • Landing
  • Steep Turns
  • Non-Precision Approach
  • Go-Around
  • Takeoffs and Landings

DC-3 Flight Training – Day 3

  • Engine Shutdown & Restart
  • Holding Procedures
  • Non-Precision Approach w/ Procedure Turn
  • Circling Approach
  • ILS Approach
  • Missed Approach
  • Takeoffs and Landings

DC-3 Flight Training – Day 4

  • Aborted Takeoff – Other than engine
  • ILS Missed Approach
  • Single Engine ILS
  • Emergency Operation of Gear
  • Propeller overspeed
  • Hydraulic Failure
  • Non-Precision Approach – Single Engine
  • Takeoffs and Landings

DC-3 Flight Training – Day 5

  • Single Engine ILS
  • Single Engine Missed Approach
  • Non-Precision Approach
  • Short Field Takeoff & Landing
  • Emergency Descent
  • Electrical Abnormals
  • Takeoffs and Landings to Full Stop

DC-3 Flight Training – Day 6   – Checkride to include

  • Precision Approach
  • Non-Precision Approach
  • Missed Approach
  • Engine Out Work
  • Holding
  • Procedure Turns
  • Approach to stalls
  • Steep turns
  • Takeoffs and Landings to Full Stop

Here are the FAA Practical Test Standards straight from the FAA

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